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e-judicial system

    The aim of this application is to develop an end-to-end electronic court case processing system in a digital environment, eliminating paper processes and decreasing case processing time, while increasing information management efficiency, accuracy, and constituent service through leveraged uniform work processes.

Some Features of our e-commerce site includes:

  • e-Portal is the capability for the public and litigants to access court files and court services through the internet.
  • e-Court Services is an electronic directory of miscellaneous transactions that provides information and related services to the public (e.g. certified copies, electronic record checks, transcripts, etc.).
  • e-File is the capability for attorneys, self-represented litigants, and other participants to electronically file case documents through the e-Portal.
  • e-Signature is the capability to allow authorized parties to sign court documents electronically.
  • e-Payments is the capability to accept the electronic payment of filing fees, fines and other court fees for all courts through the e-Portal
  • e-Citations is an electronic interface to transmit motor vehicle citation transactions between the court and state police and local law enforcement.
  • e-Case Initiation is the electronic process of submitting, receiving and acknowledging case filings and payments (if required) that initiates the opening of a new case in the court Case Management System (CMS).
  • e-Case Documents is the capability to access electronic images of certain court file documents, through the e-Portal, consistent with the NH Judicial Branch's public access policy.
  • e-Case Processing/Management is a series of actions following case initiation that further advances a case in the CMS up to and including the closing of a case. Actions may include automated review, automated workflows, work queues, automated scheduling, electronic notifications and notices, payment processing, and automatic indexing of documents.
  • e-Notice is the capability to electronically generate and distribute court notices to parties.
  • e-Notification is the capability to electronically notify parties of case events and updates on the e-Portal and through email.
  • e-Judicial Support is all electronic activities and resources that support the judicial officers in the decision-making process through the use of the judge's virtual desk (chambers, home, off-site, other court locations, clerk's office).