GiTech offers world class services in today's tech world

Web / Software Development

We build softwares to help meet various organisation needs. In the 21st century, it is important that we employ the use of ICT to help speed up and ease our organizations needs.

Having observed the rapid growth of information and communication technology in our world today. It is of necessity to have an effective online presence for resources/information, we hereby offer to develop a robust content management and information-rich website for your corporations.


We don't just build websites, we also build a web team. GiTech Consult offers hands on training that tackles real life software and web application building

Mobile App Development

With the increase of mobile internet users, it is necessary own your own mobile app as an organisation, this helps you maintain an awesome online presence with your clients as over 60% of internet users are mobile users.


GiTech engineers provide both Local and wide area networks that are highly secured and efficient.

Digital Ads

This is an amazing tool you can use to drive the needed online traffic to you. With digital ads tool like adwords you are not the one searching for your potential customers, rather your potential customers are the ones searching for you. We also offer digital adverts accross various social media platforms